Going on a weekend trip but afraid to find a hacked live stream of your home on the internet? We all feel more comfortable to leave our home protected. Yet, now as hijacked IoT systems become real, privacy-intrusive cameras open the floodgates to everyone.

We are not building the most advanced security system. Instead, we extend the original function of a light bulb and turn it into a sleek security device, unifying burglar prevention and detection:

Each ComfyLight contains a non-intrusive presence sensor and a learning algorithm. While you’re at home, it registers your movements and gives light as needed. When you’re away, the security mode is enabled, simulating learned movement patterns and pretending your presence at home to prevent burglars. Upon intrusion detection Comfylight wildly blinks and sends an alert calling for action.

ComfyLight’s soft curves and lines combined with high quality materials – glass, alu and chrome – creates a minimalistic product with a comforting and friendly appearance: Like an attentive, reliable friend, always there to protect your place in a subtle way. The shield-shaped form is the finishing touch to convey its protective character.

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