BRANDX creates exclusively a fashion new landmark for Chow Tai Fook JEWELRIA Store, integrating new technologies to upgrade interactive experience, opening the journey of fashion in high-end jewelry store design.
For its water curtain hologram dynamic window display, BRANDX is the first one in the world to adopt such a display method that combines a water curtain with holographic images. 4 widened holographic counters being ingeniously linked together, its window display form is the only dynamic display form on the market in which a stereo image surrounds the product.
Creation of water curtain is inspired by wuhan, the river city. Overall design brings you back to nature and leaves you a kind of idyllic mood due to fresh water mist. The water flow is turned to be an appreciable art piece and brings nice art feeling to Wuhan K11 plaza.
Bold combination of water curtain and hologram increases more sense of color and flow. New method of window display highlights the feeling of Chow Tai Fook “lingering” collection and brings special experiential space in JEWELRIA like no other.

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