Sancal has worked with MUT Studio to strike a balance between sound dissipation and decoration for public spaces. The firm’s yearlong R&D project was undertaken with the technical institute Aitex and was co-financed by the EU.

The resulting sound-absorbing textile sculptures reflect the natural beauty of a beetle. Indeed, they are the first acoustic panels to be acquired by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques for their permanent collection in Paris.

The layered structure of flat and curved perforated wood works on the plenum principle. Kundt’s tube was used to carefully select the foam, fibre and fabrics that were then applied to the structure. The final product was tested in a reverberation chamber to both US and EU norms; DB-HR, EN ISO 116454 and ASTM C423-09A.

The results are excellent. The tested configuration’s ISO 116454 class C aw value of 0.75 only tells part of the story. At 315Hz the sound absorption coefficient was recorded at over 0.70 and broke the 0.90 barrier at just over 500Hz: an ideal curve for the real-world.

Customers can choose from twelve panel configurations. The solid oak stand and textiles are available in an array of colours.

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