August, a smart home security company; its flagship product is a discreet lock that fits directly over the standard deadbolt and enables users to lock or unlock their door from anywhere. The August Doorbell Camera is a standalone product that significantly increases visibility and control over the user’s front door, with the additional ability to pair with the flagship smart lock for increased access. The Doorbell Camera fits directly over the user’s existing doorbell, pulling power from the doorbell’s internal wiring; the unit can easily be installed by the user, averaging less than 10 minutes to mount. The Doorbell Camera is beautiful, small and low-profile. Made of anodized aluminum, it provides a quality look and feel, combined with a discreet and elegant app interface. The doorbell icon only turns on when someone is approaching, and the full 140-degree high quality camera and built-in speaker allows guests and owner to converse, and can unlock the smart lock with a push of a button on the phone screen. Any movement that happens at the front door is captured by the Doorbell Camera and stored, allowing for full visibility and security.

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