The Askara lock case is milled from solid stainless steel and with its clear outer edges in the “cutting edge design” gives the room door a modern and straightforward appearance.
In addition, this is the only lock that can be used with an glass door, that is flush with the frame. Due to the arrangement of the closing plate catch on the inside of the frame, no disturbing element are visible on the front panel. Meaning no disruptive view of the front door.
The height of the door handles, as well as its angle, is very easy to adjust.
By means of a slight bevel, the handles haven’t a pleasant feel despite the angular design.
The lock case is equipped with an comfortable magnetic falling latch, which makes the door close easy and quiet.
All components are manufactured in Germany using state-of-the-art CNC machines and refined by hand in the finishing process. All products of this series are also available with high gloss polish.

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