Ajax StreetSiren is the vocal cord of the Ajax security system. It screams at a volume of up to 113 dB. In sleep mode, Ajax StreetSiren constantly monitors the Ajax Hub, at a distance of 2000 meters, and is always ready to alert loved ones about invasion, fire or flooding. It can last up to 5 years on battery power, all of this thanks to our proprietary Jeweller radio protocol. It allows all Ajax devices to be safely controlled and maintained remotely with a smartphone or even a simple web browser.

StreetSiren is a professional device that keeps beauty and simplicity at the forefront: it can be installed in minutes with a simple bracket system and user-friendly step-by-step guide. The siren has been designed to mimic the lattice pattern of high-end speakers and has an IP54 ingress protection rating, so rain, snow, and hail aren’t an issue – it’ll be ready to roar loud enough for the neighbors whenever it’s needed. StreetSiren fits any interior elegantly and is available in black or white.

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