The rohi design team was keen to explore a completely new approach to the aircraft cabin interior, through the creation of an innovative textile concept that allows for much more individual passenger seat dress covers, especially in economy class.
The innovation is a 6m-long design repeat, which is composed of varying patterns, textures and styles that are strung together endlessly and transition-free. Pieces, cut out of the roll and sewn into dress covers, show random sections of the repeat, while the seat covers can be distributed throughout the cabin in any order. The result? Each seat features an individual segment of the fabric design, which allows for indefinite variants of seat dresses. Although each seat has been given its “own” identity and while the result cannot be anticipated, the overall cabin appearance remains harmonised. The use of a random cutout also allows maximum application of the fabric ensuring low wastage, reducing its environmental impact. Additionally, the random dressing of the seats with covers featuring only one part number ensures easier logistics for airlines, which also benefit from lower costs.

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