Without tempering with the wire, traditional air conditioning can become smart within a few minutes. Strictly inspected in R&D and manufacturing, the product quality is excellent. The small and delicate appearance with ergonomic design curve is a piece of art in life.
Communicating through IR, WIFI and ZigBee, the Air Conditioning Partner is a control center for the smart home system. It is a gateway that various ZigBee devices, temperature& humidity sensor, motion sensor, smart plug can be connected to. Multiple smart scenes can be achieved: the air conditioning is turned on/off automatically via the set value; the humidifier is turned on when the air is dry; you can enjoy the cool summer by turning on air conditioning remotely with phone on your way home.
Air Conditioning Partner together with related products makes your home intelligent by applying technology such as, IOT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, providing the most secured, optimized and energy saving home automation solution. It saves 20% to 40% energy and operation cost. We hope it provides the sweetest smart life for every family and contributes energy efficiency to the environment, while guarding your home.

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