The new 3D-SPACE WAVE-edgeband range not only looks stylish; they are real eye-catchers and will considerably enhance the appearance of any piece of furniture.

Edgebands for the furniture industry are mainly produced with thermoplastic materials like ABS, PP or PVC and are essential for state of the art furniture design. These edgebands complete decorative chipboards for door fronts, worktops and shelves. The state of the art edgebands are coloured or surface printed depending on application.

The 3D-SPACE WAVE-edgeband is a brand new composition – and already patent pending. The innovative design of these edgebands is from PMMA, which is co-extruded with a transparent and a coloured area.

The wave pattern integrated in the edgeband surface creates a remarkable impression of depth. The pattern is actually embedded in the material and also has a high gloss surface finish. This means that they cannot only be used to reinforce the illusion of more space but they also have easy-to-clean surfaces. Moreover, applying our 3D-SPACE WAVE-edgeband is child’s play as both front and back surfaces are smooth so that milling, particularly when it comes to fitting and corner pieces, is easy.

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