Solution for Demanding
An all-weather and tamper-proof outdoor intercom, 2N Helios IP Verso combines smart design and robust metal construction ensuring high durability (IP54, IK08). It has an intuitive touch screen, card reader and discrete camera. The intercom’s camera can capture any intruder’s face thus increase the residents’ security. Also it provides visitor relations management whether you are in the building or not: The intercom can call to your mobile and even include the visitor’s video. 2N Helios IP Verso’s modular design allows you to choose from 30 options: add or subtract functions to suit the situation and your preference.
The 2N Indoor Touch answering unit with its open protocol and internet connection, completes the look of your office or home whether installed in a single room or in huge residential apartment. It offers the user a 7” real glass touch-screen with high-resolution and an easy to use, intuitive control system. In case of privacy, switch to “Do Not Disturb” mode and the system will go into the save and record mode.
Easily installed, Helios IP Verso and Indoor Touch, together create a perfect access control solution.

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