Coop Himmelb(l)au’s architecture is acclaimed worldwide. Backhausen’s fabrics decorate the best Hotels, Lounges, and Concert Halls throughout the world. Both belong to the best in their respective areas of expertise and are the pride of the Austrian export market. Now, Coop Himmel(b)lau, managed by Wolf D. Prix, and the long-established textile mill, Backhausen, have teamed up to create something very special.

The result of this unique collaboration is the textile collection called “Circles”, which can be used to cover furniture and also is for use for other decorative applications. “Circles” is available in 14 design and colour variations as either – “Line Circles” and “Wave Circles”. With a choice of colours ranging from white to silver to black, a glittery effect is achieved with the use of a fine metallic yarn. This innovative design lends a captivating 3D Effect, referencing the curved outer surfaces on buildings designed by Coop Himmel(b)lau.

The product sent in, „Wave Circles Shine“,a flat fabric, getshis three-dimensional effect by the design of curving and flowing points.

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