Wall-E is a modular system of textile discs stretched over metal rings. The surface of the discs have been beautifully embroided with conductive yarn patterns powering each disc along the path and enabling for a large range of sensory outputs: light, sound, scent. Metal connectors maintain structurally all discs together while insuring electrical bridges between discs. Wall-E can be used as curtain, room divider or sensorial installation.The user can replace / reposition each disc within Wall-E.The surface becomes a tableau in which the linear pattern of soft embroided circuitry acquires esthetic (delicate embroidery) as well as functional meaning (required path for powering sensory discs).The modular system is open for adds-on including sensor discs (camera, motion detectors), smoke alarm, new sensory functions and technologies (OLED, printed reactive surfaces).
Wall-E questions the role of appliance in our society: They are either design trophies or cumbersome but necessary evils for modern life. Wall-E proposes to neutralize all the appliances within an array of textile made disc-hubs powered by a smart network of embroideries which allows complex interactions in-between devices

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