Vertty design beach towels have a triangle based shape and they come in 9 models.
Each model consists of 8 triangles in different color tones. Each towel can also be fitted to one another like a puzzle.

It is also made from an innovative fabric called “Ketten”. This fabric allows the towel to be 30% lighter than a normal one, because in it’s core there is a material that doesn’t absorb water when wet; Only the outer cotton gets wet, which explains that lightness.
It is also 10% bigger than an average towel with a dimension of 1.10 x 1.85 meters. Each Vertty comes with a discreet water-proof pocket on its rightmost triangle, which is very well incorporated within the towel’s design. You only ever see the zipper, because the entire pocket is stitched on the back of the towel. Each towel color has its own “personality”, each with it’s own tag and identifying label. Vertty is also eco-friendly, made from organic and non-harmful materials. Every single one of those materials used on its production is sanctioned by the international environmental standards of the “Oeko-Tex”. The ink used on the stamping is produced from sea-weed and every Vertty is hand-made.

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