With skai Woodec, the surface experts of the Continental group will present a new generation of outdoor surfaces, which set new benchmarks. The innovation is the result of a development process, which was intended to create a new standard in realism. skai Woodec really does look amazingly realistic: the visual effects and the tactile elegance unite to form a high-quality overall impression that makes the surface indistinguishable from real wood to the casual observer. The deep embossing and the extremely matt finish contribute to this effect. Both lend additional value to the surface. It also achieves optimum ratings for durability. In addition, skai Woodec is extremely easy to care for and particularly easy to clean. With their Scandinavian look, these match the modern interior design style, in which grey and white are dominant and the colors are based on real wood and natural wood. The cozy and simultaneously modern atmosphere that the patterns create in the interior was an additional inspiration for the designers. The Scandinavian interior design trend has now spread to windows and doors and thus visibly adorns the outer shell of buildings.

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