With skai Jet Black, Continental has teamed up with a German system provider to present a color that is the darkest black currently on the market. skai Jet Black is a deep black. The color was inspired by the gemstone jet, a mineraloid, which is a type of lignite. The use of this type of dark coating on construction elements was made possible by the use of cool colors PLUS. The proven cool colors PLUS technology makes it possible to use even the darkest of all colors. Years of know-how are fully utilized. A maximum reduction in heat absorption of the window profile is achieved due to a white base coat, which noticeably reduces the temperature. This means that the cool colors effect exists even in extreme ranges. The color is the same, but three embossings are offered, each of which makes skai Jet Black look a little different: the detailed, natural wood embossing gives the window profile an interesting look and feel. With matt sand embossing, a skai Jet Black window looks like a powder-coated window. And finally, the very fine glossy embossing looks particularly elegant.

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