A classic among Coated Fabrics-
Textile look, wide range of colors and perfect protection against stains and abrasion- SILVERTEX® made by SPRADLING® is no usually Coated Fabric. The difference to a textile surface is barely perceptible and inspires our customers in contract business every day. Whether trendy or elegant- our wide range of over 40 colors meet all individual wishes.
SILVERTEX® promises stylish designs any surfaces in indoor and outdoor areas and combined high abrasion resistance and technical expertise with sophisticated design. SPRADLING® ‘s Coated Fabric convinced as a top seller in high-performance.
SILVERTEX® is treated with SPRADLING®‘s patented stain-fighting and abrasion-resistant PERMABLOK3® and SILVERGUARD® protection, which now includes silver ion technology, a natural germ-fighting defense to help safeguard the customer against bacterial contamination.

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