LaSova Folding Pillow is the one and only foldable pillow that has built-in CranioSacral Therapy effect in the world. It has a special foldable tongue design. The foldable tongue acts as the hands of practitioner in manual therapy to relieve the stress and tension of the user’s neck and shoulder. The folding depth of the tongue is adjustable to fit different users’ neck lengths. There are 3 Pillow Heights available: 7 cm, 8.5 cm & 10 cm.

How to use Folding Pillow
-Lay down in Back Sleep posture and align your head in the center of the pillow.
-Use your hands to grab the two corners of the tongue then fold the tongue and place the tongue underneath your head and cervical spine.
-Adjust the Folding Depth of the tongue to your most comfortable position.
-Use the folding function for 5 to 15 minutes each time, the restoration and decompression effects will increase day by day.
-You can fold flat the tongue manually, or the foldable tongue will automatically rebound to its original FLAT position when you roll over or change to side sleep posture.
-The pillow is used as a well designed ergonomic pillow when the tongue is not folded.

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