What’s S.Café®

We found out one thing that no one has ever noticed before, that is, coffee grounds odor control ability might be combined with fabric. Once we notice this, we started to recycle the waste and tried to make this imagination come true.

During eight generations in four and half years. Coffee grounds eventually could be added into fiber. Surprisingly, S.Café® not only can control odor, but also have the ability of UV protection and fast drying. But we’re not satisfied with this. We’re still trying to connect coffee grounds with more related products. Coffee in the fabric is just the beginning.
S.Café ® fabrics offer odor control, UV protection and fast dry by its particle technology.

S.Café ® recycled and reused the post consumer coffee grounds from coffee shops. We are using clean and low carbon emission process to extract the oil from grounds to keep microporous open. All functions are permanent and come from the particles.

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