By creating high quality textiles, we contribute to a more sustainable future.
High quality means, superior fibres and fabrics, excellent construction and finishing that go the distance of the user.
Dedication to producing high quality textiles to be used for our throws is at the very core of our ethos and the reason for our Possum throw, which is made with the unique blend of Possum Fur, Cashmere, Merino, Silk.
Due to the hallow structure of the Possum Fur been used in this blend, our throw is so light, that it creates volume without weight, warmth (due to the isolation effect of the hallow structure), that the user can be minimal with maximal impact (for ex., Possum Fur warmths 55% more than single Merino and about 35% more than single cashmere) and this throw is so soft, that it floats like mist along the body.
Additionally, the Possum Fur in this blend leads to a limited pilling effect of the fabric been used for this throw, which makes the throw a luxuriy & timeless slow fashion piece of textile, made out of high quality, lasting materials, that can be biograde at the end of their lifespan

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