The Organoid® Translucent products are ideal for airy, light and translucent effects.
Several carrier materials are available: translucent self-adhesive film, breathable flax backing or even no carrier – just nature. They can e.g. be applied to smooth surfaces such as glass, metal or paper and can even be backlit. The natural raw materials – e.g. lavender, peppermint, rose petals or coffee – can be selected according to colour and origin. Our most famous raw material is the hand-mown Alpine-hay harvested from 1,700 m elevation and grown on the ridges of the Wildspitze, Tyrol’s highest mountain. Its delicate scent and characteristically haptics evokes emotions.
The coating thickness corresponds to the desired translucency. Bend radii are dependent upon the raw materials used and the coating thickness. The self-adhesive film e.g. allows for bend radii of up to 0.5 mm. Application is easy: simply use the scissors or cutting machine to trim down to the desired size and apply in a few steps.
These products are light weight and profit from a small transport volume.
The natural beauty of our surfaces comes from nature itself. Nature is still the best designer.

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