MOKO is built upon the foundations of decades of interior design and manufacturing experience with sculptural wooden surfaces. Its success relies on the merged approach of design and manufacturing, with a constant development of innovative styles and surface finishes increasing the richness of the range. It is this heritage and knowledge that has formed MOKO interior. MOKO interior uses the best quality materials; only real wood veneer and most of these veneers are custom made for their production. Its team is committed to environmentally sustainable solutions working with certified wood veneers only, making sure that the adhesives and surface treatments used are eco-friendly also. The curved shapes require the highest handicraft that cannot be replaced by any machinery, the real value lays in the bare handed craftsmanship intended to create the highest quality products, excluding mass production in the classic sense. Its mission is to create beautiful, exclusive coverings for those clients who require a sensual, unique aesthetic experience in their home, hotel, retail or office space.

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