MianQu WarmFit Temperature Control GD
Cover Material: 50% Polyester 50% Cotton
Filling Material: 100% White Goose Down
Filling Power: 750
Insulation: Good
Mechanism: The amount of down is filled into the comforter by area. The curved area in the middle is relatively thin to fit the body curve and at the same time alleviate weight pressure. The areas on the sides are thicker to prevent heat loss and to form internal heat circulation.

Heat Reflection Piece (Optional)
Material: 100% Polyester Fast Dry
Coating: Far-Infrared Reflection Material
Mechanism: The heat reflection piece utilizes thermal reflection technique to effectively reflect the far-infrared disseminated by body heat back to human body, therefore protect and lift skin temperature to lock the energy inside human body during sleeping.
Application:Fix the heat reflection piece in the middle curved area of the comforter, face the silver-colored side toward human body. Put cover on the comforter afterwards.

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