The Froli vivido neck pillow creates an appropriate balance of soft body acceptance for pressure relief and supporting comfort of head, neck and shoulder area. The specialty: The combination of intelligent materials and innovative pillow shape.
Open-cell soft PUR foam with the capacity to permanent, temperature-independent recovery to the original form as well as highly elastic, form stable comfort lamellae inside of the foam core ensure high pressure relief, sensible active air ventilation, and excellent moisture management.
The wave-shaped pillow contour is anatomically designed for different sleeping positions and due to its two-sided usability perfectly suitable for side sleepers as well as for back sleepers. The neck area is pleasantly supported and the shoulder region is placed in front of the pillow – in every sleeping position. An additional 1.5 cm high soft foam insert plate allows an individual height setting from 11.5 cm up to 13 cm to serve individual adjustment to the body shape. Convenient carrying bag for transport and storage included.

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