Danish Architect Lars Vejen has designed the fermacell ACOUSTIC ceiling system and, in close collaboration with acoustic specialists and experts from fermacell, developed a unique series of products based on the recognised high quality of fermacell´s gypsum fibreboards. The fermacell ACOUSTIC ceiling system is designed to create the ultimate auditory and visual balance in an interior space. Knowledge of how sound is reflected, absorbed and controlled is transformed into the design, resulting in a direct link between form and function. fermacell ACOUSTIC is designed to specifically balance sound over a wide spectrum, allowing it to form the basis of a perfect interior for basically any architectural context. The result is a strong, beautiful and functional product in two classic designs; GRADIENT and BARCODE. It is available in two sizes: 600 x 1,200 x 12.5mm and 900 x 2,100 x 12.5mm. GRADIENT mirrors a graphic symbol of soundwaves and, thanks to its asymmetric design, the pattern appears to rotate and arrange itself to achieve different final visual effects. BARCODE is a random yet organised composition of acoustic openings.

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