“eLumino” is a world first, combining highly advanced textile design with the very latest LED technology to open up a new dimension in textile surface configuration. Within the embroidery integrated strip conductors and LED elements generate a decorative pattern of spots of light on the fabric that dim to three different levels of intensity. The refined curtains “eLumino Aves” and “eLumino Sema” are designed for day and night, generating images that are both appropriate and variable, depending on the lighting conditions. “eLumino Aves” is a metallic, soft shimmering weave. The pattern spreads in a wide border along the lower third of the curtain. The design “eLumino Sema” dances freely and dreamily in waves across the delicate and soft transparent voile. “eLumino” has a cable which terminates in a USB plug for connection to the power supply, but can also be operated by batteries.

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