The Point-to-Point® Pillow was designed by a global team of scientists and sleep technologists, winning the Gold Medal at International des Inventions de Genéve for it’s innovation and technological contribution to better sleep and well-being.

The Pillow is divided into 3 sections. The center is for sleeping on the back. And two sides which are higher is for the side sleeping.

The fully customizable PTP Pillow is available in 3 different sizes to suit your built and personal comfort. (Size S for slender shoulder width, size M for medium shoulder width, and size L to fit broader shoulder width).

Height adjustable to 4 different heights for maximum support and comfort.
Start by using Point-to-Point Pillow without the height adjusters, if you feel you need extra height when back sleeping, simply attach either one or both of the height adjusters to the bottom of the Point-to-Point Pillow, ensuring the best comfort and most natural head and neck alignment for you.

Our Unique pillow selector can determine the accurate size of your cervical curve and the breadth of your shoulders in less than 30 seconds.

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