Translucent silence “Silence does not ask any questions, but it can be an answer to many problems,” Austrian author Ernst Ferstl said. What he alludes to is that it can be difficult in a noisy environment to think clearly or make intelligent decisions. The design of the Silent Space collection is based on the conviction that the spaces in which people work and communicate are urgently in need of sound-absorbing surfaces. The collection was created through a CTI research project with the objective of developing a light and transparent material in preference to the heavy, impenetrable acoustic curtains commonly used. It aims at absorbing noise as efficiently as possible, while allowing light to enter the room to retain a sense of connection with the outside. The results are innovative fabrics with excellent sound-absorption properties, opening up many new interior design opportunities. The fabrics of the Silent Space collection are transparent and flame retardant for increased safety. They exude a flowing and elegant appearance and adapt well to the most diverse interiors due to their well-balanced colour selection. This acoustic curtain reinterprets classic curtains by lending them a new, functional significance. Due to their sound absorption properties, the fabrics absorb around five-times more noise on average than common transparent sheer fabrics.

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