FELICE VISCUM – The Mistletoe

In this classy design, every loop is individually inserted into the carpet by hand. The resulting high and slightly irregular texture ensures both its outstanding look and exceptionally sensual feel.

Anna Mooren on her inspiration: “Viscum leaves are not equal, but nevertheless depict a recognisable line.” In her modern interpretation of the handwoven carpet, the young textile designer expertly creates a bridge between the traditional handloom and a very contemporary design approach. What is more, she combines simple traditional weaves with distinctive accents, making the Viscum the most elaborate design in the Felice family.

Felice are carpet modules in various sizes, colours and designs that can be combined in any way via the Connector combination system. All weave and colour alternatives are sensitively tailored to each other. Felice is 100% hand-made: The family business Lehner Wolle spins, mills and weaves the yarns from organic sheep’s wool in its own factory. Slight irregularities are a testament to this traditional process.

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