Fredeburger Slate has been used for generations as a natural construction material for protecting roofs and facades. The starting material for our Fredeburger slate veneer is extracted from our own quarries. Thanks to the special manufacturing process of this thin slate veneer, only a fraction of this valuable deposit is required for every square meter. This goes easy on natural resources. As a composite with a thin backing layer, the natural stone turns into a unique material with completely new application options: slate veneer. The application options are endless. VENEO SLATE® veneer combines the slate’s natural stone surface with the flexibility of a veneer. This allows the natural construction material to be applied in a wafer-thin form – also on rounded or curved surfaces. The resulting options for designers are completely new.
Wafer-thin natural slate for endless possibilities
• Where slate would be too thick.
• Where slate would be too heavy.
• Where slate would be too inflexible.
• Wherever slate is used.
VENEO SLATE® meanwhile works wonderfully with virtually all materials and colors in technical and in visual terms.
Every piece has been created by nature.

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