TRAKT collection is a high-quality glazed fine stoneware. The design on the tiles was printed on using advanced and extremely precise digital technology and their surface was covered additionally with a special granilla of high parameters. The TRAKT collection is a collection of rectified tiles – in the production process each tile is given the same size with precision of 0.2 mm. Thanks to digital technology the TRAKT collection represents, with precision of a photo, heterogeneous, contrasted design of natural, digested stone surfaces. What makes the collection remarkable and is at the same time its biggest advantage is its surface – looks like natural concrete, stone, soil or a country path. All colour versions in the collection perfectly complete each other creating a palette of earthy colours. When combined, they create a beautiful composition in the interiors. Remarkable graphics of the concrete structure faithfully displays a whole range of sand particles and stones, in quite bold structures. Thanks to high technical parameters the TRAKT collection is dedicated also to public interiors such as hotels, restaurants, stores, galleries. It is perfect also for the facades.

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