Inspired by Mughal miniatures, this collection has the finest influences in design from the Islamic and the Mughal world, where the entire silk route used to practice miniature paintings with the idea of transforming them into something akin to creating wall murals. Gulistan comes from the love of flowers, where each floral connotation is interpreted differently, to create a dramatic statement in wall art.
Gulistan Collection by JJ Valaya, layering of multiple techniques such as etching, sand blasting, digital embossing, has resulted in a formulation where the process and its order in priority of application is the key to eye catching detail.
They comprise of wall tiles and floor tiles that can be used in any aesthetic space, from a piece of furniture to back splashes of a kitchen. The collection has been designed in such a way where the permutations are many and various combinations of permutations are unique in every space.
JJ Valaya’s design philosophy propagates a space where the classic meets the contemporary, with an expert eye for detail, he unveils a new collection of exclusive tiles keeping the same ethos in mind.

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