Creation Concept: The series defines the world’s aesthetics as three levels. We use dialectical method to deliver the beauty of the mind and create the beauty of philosophy through the world, rigid-flexible, fire and water. Then in the light of the changeable tones at different times in the sky and water changes in different states, we create series of the beauty of nature through recording the wonderful moments in nature. Finally, combining the representative colors from different kinds of humanistic feelings and generalizing international culture patterns, we exploit the series of the beauty of humanity.
Craft Break-through: The whole series is created by original design which contains crafts and materials. It is designed with the bump effect combining with soft and vivid light surface. It can make natural texture come true.
Materials Support: Exclusive logo, tiles, video, identity, images, style manuals, etc. Meanwhile, with the use of home decoration, we build this series exhibition hall in headquarter and standardize 39 house plans.

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