Tetrapod Tiles

A Tetrapod is a pure connection of concrete and nature. A real one is too big to be placed at home, that’s why we rethought the original concept of a four legged structure. In our 3D wall tiles three legs protrude from a core which remains flat for fixing.

The project highlights the closeness to bio volumes. We moved away from a traditional use of the material. Concrete in our interpretation does not look like the ordinary one, but ensures durability and versatility.

The collection consists of four brand color tones – coal black, earth grey, granite gray and clay brown. They are basics to match a variety of spaces such as contemporary houses, shops or offices. You can use one color tiles or personalize the product creating own combinations. Intertwined parts give a unique sophisticated effect of a grid cut off from the base.

A Tetrapod Tile is a Zen mood materialized in the modern look.

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