CEDIT–Ceramiche d’Italia is the Florim brand which encapsulates the dialogue between art, design and Italian identity. Ceramic slabs with amazing sizes which represent a real revolution changing the concept of continuous surface. CEDIT shapes ceramic matter in the service of creativity, allowing the great names of our time to express themselves to their full potential. The brand is the results of continuous focus on technological and product innovation of Florim Ceramiche, one of the key companies among the manufacturers of ceramic surfaces in the world. “Storie” collection by CEDIT is designed by “Studio Zanellato Bortotto” and offer porcelain slabs in various sizes inspired both by a sophisticated interpretation of the material and by specific kinds of pictorial expressions. “Storie” comprising five different sets of wall coverings (between these is the “Castello” series), inscribed by the designers with the theme of the relentless passage of time. Zanellato and Bortotto have selected different environments and identified a specific effect caused by the ageing process in each of them. The slabs are designed for covering indoor and outdoor walls.

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