Star Maker by Mac Stopa Star Maker is the latest project by the Polish designer Mac Stopa. He created the original futuristic and minimalist panel pattern especially for the Italian brand Laminam. Star Maker is a three-dimensional puzzle of pentagonal stars inscribed in larger hexagonal shading. The advanced geometry of the shading pattern makes it possible to create numerous patterns by selecting the right panel for each right angle and matching it with the adjacent panels. The mosaic of small elements with their organised structure provides the ideal backdrop for a modern interior space, whether commercial or residential. The material that allowed the artist to create the Star Maker pattern is sintered quartz from the Laminam brand. Sintered discs are composed of natural ingredients, in particular quartz, slate, granite and ceramic pigments. First, the granules of these raw materials are compressed. Next, an innovative technology is applied to sinter the granules, which are fired at a temperature of 1220 degrees. This method produces large-format discs, which are perfectly flat and can be cut to a specific size with very high accuracy. This material is highly durable, resist

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