Sphera is a collection of three individual ranges of premium homogeneous vinyl floor covering produced by Forbo in a zero waste greenfield manufacturing location. Sphera comprises 3 distinct ranges; Element, Energetic and Evolution. Together they create a new and timeless platform to the category lifting the conventional ‘health care floor’ to a new dimension. Sphera is environmentally sound, with near zero emission levels (-10ug/m2) and 100% phthalate free composition. But Sphera mostly impresses through its design quality, taking an old and dated visual to a new high-end design format using an intricate mix of spheres and granules and color pigments that deliver a vibrant visual never seen in homogeneous floor covering until now. The hues are deep and the colors extremely fresh. Transparent chips create a intriguing 3-D effect in the floor surface. Daring color combinations like rosebut pink and lime are combined with semi-plain beige and anthracite. Reverse chip mixes allow cross link combinations between the 3 ranges of the collection . Sphera contains a large part of high light reflection items reducing the need for artificial lighting, creating healthy indoor environments.

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