Fletco has with its constant search after new production techniques established itself in the market as the market leader for both flat-woven broadloom and carpet tiles. This refers to both the development in the production of polyamide yarns, their processing, dyeing, backing and construction of new laser-cut carpet tiles. We have therefore developed Space: We play with the four basic colours in dye-resist polyamide yarns to give a response to our basic collection colours. We have been inspired from earlier styles in which this particular technique was very popular. The new flat woven carpet quality has been given a retro look combined with modern minimalist weaving and the basic colors in the current trend. Space is a flat woven quality that can be used for both commercial and private use. The quality is made of 100% polyamide with a share of non-overdyeable polyamide. It is available as tiles and broadloom.

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