The multi-award-winning design of the FREESTILE collection calls for progress: Welcome to RUGXSTYLE by OBJECT CARPET. 6 different designs, 12 colour shades, 3 formats. What was limited to large areas can now unfold its full impact in other dimensions: crossing boundaries regarding design and functionality, innovative regarding sustainability

The rugs of the RUGXSTYLE thrive on dialectics, on opposites which demand a new perspective: A soft look stands in contrast to an extremely durable and tough surface. The respective design pairs counteract either in light and dark shading or in their colour arrangement. Rectangular designs confront circular shapes. The result of this? Creative possibilities which will challenge the imagination. A single rug will draw attention to the spot. In combination with each other or with other flooring material, RUGXSTYLE can be used to give rooms a structure. Zones are arranged in shops, hotels, or large office spaces which create a correlation between areas and influence the mood of the ambience.

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