Rugment is not a normal carpet. Rugment is both, a carpet and an element, it is round and also angular. Although he can not stand, he stands out. Rugments are multifaceted. Sometimes colored, sometimes less colored but they never get colorless. How you place them is your own decision. Changes will get a habit, because a Rugment never comes alone. Rugments are available in four basic forms: Square, Triangle, Semicircle, Quadrant and three different lines: Hotspot, Checkpoint, Hangout. Wether tiles, parquet, linoleom, pvc or carpet, these floors love Rugment.
Rugments are flexible, easy to relocate and easy to change. You can walk, play, rest and lie on them. Their slide-resistant underground makes them stable. You can combine the color variations of the lines in any way you want. With Rugment you can choose between 25 different colors, that are all well-matched

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