Recycled PET bottle caps are used in the solid core of our new RELAZZO coro and calmo decking boards. A high-quality, robust and at the same time particularly environmentally friendly material is produced in this way using extensive material expertise and experience. RELAZZO coro and calmo give every decking a natural feel-good atmosphere and also provide a fundamental contribution towards the conscious use of resources. WPC, the material providing RELAZZO decking boards with their excellent material properties, is produced with the highest resource efficiency. The wood particles processed in it originate from local, PEFC-certified forestry. They are for example residues from the wood industry or chips from saw mills. We at REHAU produce the polymer content used in RELAZZO coro and calmo from upcycling material lproduced in an environmentally friendly way. The surface is treated with a special brush and obtains a high-quality design in this way. A particularly fine brushing is applied in RELAZZO calmo.

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