Reclaimed Denim Fiber is a unique and innovative material composite for the laminates industry. Inspired by a global interest in denim and how to recycle the mass consumption of blue jeans, Formica Group was motivated to create a new kind of industrial paper. Working closely with an industrial paper producer, a source for real denim fiber waste was identified and a new type of overlay paper was produced with 60% Post Industrial cotton denim. Instead of traditional printing of an image, the visuals of this laminate come from the real indigo-dyed denim fiber embedded in the paper. And with this, each laminate has its own individual look due to the natural fiber formations. Four sheets of laminate equate to saving waste from one pair of jeans!

Reclaimed Denim Fiber in Gloss finish easily shows the denim fiber formation. A second version in the Jeans finish enhances the realism of the laminated paper to add a traditional denim twill texture.

Formica Group’s Reclaimed Denim Fiber was first introduced in NA in 2015, next in Asia in 2016 with additional regions of India, ANZ and Europe in the near future: A truly global sustainability solution for a global denim trend.

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