From the collaboration between Studio Job and Mirage comes the POPJOB collection, developed with the aim of discovering new possibilities for ceramics to create a new diversified and innovative collection.
The POPJOB collection created for Mirage has almost no imitators in the ceramic world, and explores an alternative graphic, coloured and provocative style.
The colour range includes six colours characterised by neutral and pastel tones.
The shiny, lapped surface is obtained through the innovative “twin-surface” technique, which involves the use of thick glass applied on porcelain stoneware surfaces through an absolutely innovative technology for an industrial material, ensuring unparalleled colour intensity.
In fact, the “twin-surface” technique consists of coupling a pre-vitrified layer of high-density technical porcelain to a thick layer of crystalline glass, while keeping the pigmented and decorated layer on the inside.
The result is a highly polished product with an intense pigmentation that enhances the chromatic saturation effect. These are the basic elements of the collection, needed by Studio Job to achieve the maximalist effect of the POPJOB project.

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