Pop Metal by Mac Stopa for Casali is a new and innovative architectural surface created from glass, mirrors and stainless steel. The complex manufacturing process combining stainless steel, which also includes vertical steel brushing, together with glass and special lacquering, has been developed thanks to years of experience and Italian quality workmanship of Casali. The transparency of the glass and clear mirrors, combined with the organic pattern designed by Mac Stopa laser cut in stainless steel, generates a dynamic innovative architectural surface that changes its appearance through the multitude of artistic reflections and shades, depending on overall space illumination and the distance of the observer. Pop Metal uses a range of glass from 6 to 12 mm and is available for use in a wide range of dimensions and products, including wall panels, ceilings, back splashes and furniture as well as doors, including sliding doors and swing doors in 10 mm extra-clear glass. Pop Metal doors and panels are equipped with superior quality and durability high tech stainless steel hardware by Casali. Made in Italy. For glass performance, please view the submitted photos.

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