Top designer Ulf Moritz has designed a series of features for a completely new 3D experience for your walls and ceiling.
With the volumes you are able to create an extra dimension, both literally and figuratively. Bare, flat walls are transformed into a dynamic story of curves, movement, light and shade. Imposing and powerful yet with a subtle elegance.
3D : Design Dimensions Dare
With a little creativity, U can make compositions, according to your own taste and style, irrespective of the style of architecture.
Ulf Moritz’s thoughts must have been at sea when he was designing this double rippled golf. Whether it is used as a cornice moulding, skirting, or as decorative ceiling border, it will certainly deliver a remarkable outline.
Combined on the wall horizontally or vertically the effect is like a sculpture – a work of art that bursts with movement, light and shadow.
The golf is made of high-quality Purotouch®, already primed, ready to paint, lightweight and easy to handle.

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