Inspired by the semi-precious white onyx, Neolith Onyx is a subtly balanced grey and pink white shaded surface. It is the result of an extensive research and development carried out to create a Sintered Compact Surface that possesses the same translucent characteristics as natural onyx. Innovative and unique in the sintered surface market, Neolith Onyx offers further advantages compared to the natural stone, including durability and cost efficiency. The challenge of developing a material with the same backlighting properties as the real stone was resolved by adding more glass and clear raw materials to the composition of Neolith. Furthermore, using a ground breaking digital decoration technique, Neolith Digital Design (NDD), Neolith Onyx can be book-matched to create aesthetic design statements. Created through sinterization technology, which exposes minerals and raw materials to extremely high pressure and temperature, Neolith Onyx offers the elegance and sophistication of real onyx with the benefits of Sintered Compact surfaces. The slab is resistant to scratches, impacts, abrasion, frost, high temperatures, and UV-exposure and is suitable for interior and exterior applications

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