NABEL SIMM MARBLE TILE is the porcelain tile, its surface is ceramic material coated on the blank formed by dry pressing, made by infiltrated printed, high temperature sintering, surface polishing treatment. As an environmentally and economical unglazed Marble tiles, it is a major technological innovation and breakthrough in ceramic tile field .It applied four core technologies: Surface course decorated covering technology, Inkjet penetrating technology, Multi-charge full body technology, and Micron-grade surface treating technology, It not only has excellent performance such as high wear resistance of traditional polished tile, but also has fine decorative effect such as rich texture of common glazed tile, and has the sense of “fully body” which is comparable to natural stone. Applied to the home,office, the crowded public places, such as airport, station, square and other areas, it is without special maintenance. The rich decorative effect can give consumers more choice and design space, and can significantly reduce the amount of waste residue produced in the polishing process. It can realize the recovery and utilization of waste residue, save energy and resource consumption.

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