Hey Motown,

imagine yourself in the last third of the previous century. It is past midnight and rain keeps pouring down. In a dark alley people are crowded wall to wall. Laughter and sounds of humming basses fill the air. Finally, the doorman opens up! The club is packed with people, their mumbling blending into a groovy kind of jazz-soul-music. Relaxed I am leaning against the bar, looking around. The outworn charm of the old industrial building is impressing. Left behind by the automobile industry, the shabby building has been rediscovered for the nightlife. Rusty pipes, disintegrating plasters. And the floor? Well the floor – worn out over centuries- possibly tells the most interesting story. Countless numbers of vehicles were produced on it. Workers hustled along the production line again and again. Forklifts on continuous operation used to cart their loads unwearily on it. Tiny cracks, dripping hydraulic oil as well as tracks of shoes and skidmarks have drawn upon this floor making it unique. And now? Now you can get it. Motown in 45 x 90 format.


Motown | unglazed porcelain gres solid-coloured | satin | R10 | Colors:
Gospel-Grey, Big-Beat-Black

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