Imagine an environment where colour is rich, vibrant and interactive, and space comes to life through pulsating light and clever design.

This ceramic tile series offers a new way to define space. Drawing on the extraordinary relationship of light and colour, the concept is set to provide architects and designers with a powerful means to create a variety of atmospheres and experiences through the innovative use of ceramics.

Life is not static, and this product was designed to echo this; Mosa Mu responds and adapts to a setting’s changing light, subtly shifting shades during the course of the day. Mosa’s designers researched the strong relationship between light and colour spectrum, in order to make the most of their interaction, at the same time studying ceramic pigments and the way they blend. Based on this research, Mosa Mu was conceived to absorb colours and reflect changing waves of light, playing with subtly changing colour tones. These tiles’ hues are further affected by distance and geometry – such as the shape of a room – as well as nearby objects and materials, as the surfaces pick up on other colours within the same space.

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