Linoleum is an original versatile material. Like wood or stone linoleum is authentic and in the flooring world considered a modern classic. Linoleum marbled varieties in beige and grey are well known to everyone, and although functional and shown as a random all over design, the product is sometimes regarded as institutional and its colors old fashioned. With the Marmoleum brand Forbo for years is telling a new story on linoleum. With over 350 colors, 15 visual structures, Forbo’s linoleum today is inspiring, pure and capable of defining spaces. Linoleum Slate is a new collection from Forbo in which a subtle marbled visual is embossed with a natural slate structure. The random relief shows no repeat and is pleasing to the eye. The soft mat finish creates a natural looking surface which brings the floor to life as well as giving it a third dimension and depth as the light plays with the structured surface. Marmoleum slate is available in 5 different colorways all in different shades of grey, as well as an interesting copper shimmer variety

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