MagnetPlaster by MagPaint is a high quality, decorative plaster that makes every wall strongly magnetic. It is quick and easy to apply, as well as extremely strong. In fact, the one-layer MagnetPlaster is stronger than ordinary three-layer magnetic paints. Accordingly, it is ideally suited for quick presentations, decorations or to attach items with magnets, whether at home, at work, or at school. MagnetPlaster offers a smooth finish in a single coat and can be easily repainted right after application (e.g. with whiteboard paint SketchPaint PRO of MagPaint). What is more, it can be used as ferromagnetic wallpaper glue, for example, to handle fiberglass wallpaper. In combination with a Neodymium magnet of 29 mm – depending on the layer thickness-, users can hang up of up to 28 A4 pages. This makes nails, screws and tacks obsolete, avoiding the conspicuous holes left after their removal. MagnetPlaster by MagPaint is made from a synthetic resin dispersion with a fine filler of metal powder. As the plaster does not contain any plasticizers or volatile solvents, it is safe to handle inside and can be directly applied from the package.

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